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Silent Witness

Seasons 11 – 13 | Seasons 20 – 22



Directors : Thaddeus O’Sullivan, Susan Tully, Udayan Prasad, Farren Blackburn, Diamuid Lawrence, Alex Pillai, Dudi Appleton, Tim Fywell, Bruce Goodison, Maurice Phillips

Producers : George Ormond, Ruth Kenley-Letts

Exec Producers : Phillippa Giles, Hilary Salmon

Production Company : BBC

Like many other series of this nature, ‘Silent Witness’ demands much from its Art Department and Production Designer.  It often takes its audiences into unfamiliar worlds and societies, and deals, at times with very dark subjects.  With forensic science at its core, close-up work is inevitable and therefore attention to detail is paramount.  In order to complement this, it is equally important to maximise the impact of the larger visual environment and give the show some ‘breathing space’.  Although the sophisticated laboratory and office interiors are shot on a stage, the production relies on carefully chosen locations for its other sets.  These inevitably need decorating and dressing to create the many unique and striking visual environments. 

As the Production Designer, maintaining a distinct visual identity across the series, has also to be balanced with the individual stylistic requirements of each story.