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Strike Back

Vendetta – Season 8



Directors : Paul Wilmshurst, Bill Eagles, Jonathon Jones, John Strickland

Series Producer : Nuala O’Leary, Huberta Liel

Producer : Kristian Dench

Exec Producers : Andy Harries, Jack Lothian, Rob Bullock, Sasha Harris

Production Company : Left Bank Pictures

In this final season of the Sky/HBO production “Section 20” takes on the Albanian Mafia and terror groups. The mission takes them across the Balkans to Munich and Tel Aviv. The design challenges across this production were numerous. With a plethora of action sequences throughout the series it was essential to work particularly closely with other departments to facilitate and realise the production’s ambition. Shooting schedules were back to back so preparation and design work had to be undertaken simultaneously with filming.

Returning cast include Daniel MacPherson, Warren Brown, Alin Sumarwata, Jamie Bamber and Varada Sethu.