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You Don’t Know Me

4 x 60min Series



Producer : Rienkje Attoh

Series Producer : Jules Hussey

Directors : Sarmad Masud

Exec Producers : Ruth Kenley-Letts, Kate Crowe, Jess Cameron-Lewis

Prod Company : Snowed-In Productions

Adapted by Tom Edge from the award-winning novel by Imran Mahmood, this four-part drama tells the story of a young man who stands accused of murder. The evidence is overwhelming, but at his trial he uses his closing statement to tell an extraordinary story.

Set against a south London cityscape, this production required a large studio-constructed composite set that provided a number of flats and associated walkways for day and night filming. In addition to this, the production also required a Crown Court for an extended period of filming. The design solution for the court was to convert a large municipal meeting room for the purpose. Using extensive scenery additions, all the essential elements of a Crown Court were laid out. As well as designing these two major elements, there were also numerous other locations that required set dressing and constructed elements to provide the backdrop for this daring drama about love, justice and freedom.